This mural reads: “86% of all sex workers are mothers.”

I will be visiting Paris 28 October – 31 October, and London 1 November – 3 November!

I am looking to interview sex workers who are also parents about their experiences raising children and working in the sex industry simultaneously for an upcoming book on sex work and parenting titled, “Madonna and Whore: Real Stories on Sex Work & Parenting slated for a summer 2014 release. Seeking a range of sex workers to interview; men and women who have worked as porn stars, dominatrices, brothel workers, call girls/ rent boys, sex toy store employees, street walkers, models, web cam performers and pornographers. Also, seeking adult children of sex workers who are interested in sharing their stories as well. Allies of sex workers are welcome to share this post and have others contact me.

As a sex worker with 20 years in the sex industry, I want to share the good, bad, beautiful and ugly stories of sex work and parenting to humanize those of us whose labour serve a greater cause, providing for our families. Interested in all sorts of stories including those of balance, co-parenting, having “the talk” about work, discrimination, child custody, education, entering into sex work, pregnancy, 2nd generation sex workers or any number of other topics you think you would like to share are welcome! This will be the first ever anthology of its kind.

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all the best,

Sinnamon Love

Sinnamon Love is a retired adult film star, fetish model and dominatrix currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She is a radio host, sex educator and writer who frequently appears on HuffPostLive. Her most recent published works can be found on GuernicaMag.com and in The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure & 50 Writers on 50 Shades of Grey. Contact Love at SinnamonLove.com for more information on her current projects.