In our weekly, “WTF” moment related to GMOs, Infant formula manufacturers seem to think there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeding GMOs to the littlest humans with the least resistant immune systems. Abbott Laboratories shareholders voted not to exclude GMOs from their Nestle and Mead Johnson Nutrition Similac range of products. GMO Inside, an anti-GMO campaign group, issued a call to the companies which went unanswered.

Baby formula ingredients include soy, corn and sugar, much of which are amongst the largest GMO crops.

“Similac, Enfamil, and Gerber Good Start — which combined account for more than 90% of all infant formula sales in the US — are exposing American and Canadian babies to potentially grave health risks by using genetically modified ingredients,” said a statement accompanying the letter.

That raises the question how this will effect those women who can not breast feed due to health issues. I wonder whether government supplemental programs such as WIC for pregnant women and children will begin to offer non-GMO products to their recipients for the greater good of their clients and their infants. The idea that the poorest Americans, those with HIV or other communicable illnesses, or even those on medications which might prevent them from nursing might be forced to potentially poison their children with GMO laden formula is absolutely absurd. We simply do not have enough data on the long term effects of GMOs on the body to feed them to infants who have yet to develop the antibodies needed to fight off bacteria and illness. The potentially irrevocable damage we could be doing to them is too great to risk.

Some of the harmful effects of GMOs include:

  • Food Allergies
  • Increased toxicity
  • Decreased Nutritional Value
  • Antibiotic Resistance

Never fear, there are some non-GMO verified formulas available on the market. According to Non-GMO Project, Earth’s Best, Happy Baby, Little Duck Organics, NurturMe, Oh Baby Foods, Organic Baby & Plum Organics are currently Non-GMO verified options for baby food & formulas.

love, Sinn